RB Weatherproof Enclosure (5 pack) PRICE REDUCED!!

  • $175.00

The RecycleBalls Weatherproof  Enclosure is a unique and innovative product that was specifically created to weatherproof the existing recycleballs cardboard bin.

This unit is made from durable chloroplast and serves to both protect and lock the enclosed bin. 

 - 2.4 Gallons  (9.6 Quarts / 9.1 Liters)   
 - 14"L x 14" W x 25" H
 - Ships flat to save space
 - Provides a 1-inch clearance off of the ground with a unique raised floor
 - Can be easily locked or attached to existing fencing
 - Customized lid with a hole that matches underlying cardboard bin
 - Easy to assemble. One unibody simply snaps together
 - Sturdy construction 
 - Easy to insert and remove cardboard recycling bin.

These do not include the cardboard bin inserts which can be purchased separately here.